Friday, April 27, 2012



I usually pack my lunch, but sometimes on Fridays Erin and I split a southwest chicken chopped salad.. our favorite! It's so good!! And I don't feel TOO guilty since we split it (half a serving is shown below.. they are normally huge!)

Since starting this lifestyle change, Matt and I have really enjoyed cooking a "special" meal once a week. We each make something different, like we would have at a restaurant. Tonight I had grilled shrimp and quinoa and it was so good! photo

The recipe for the spicy garlic shrimp is from HERE. I made up the quinoa "recipe" and it turned out really good. Here is what is in it:

- Quinoa (cook per package directions)
- Chopped cilantro (I can't get enough of cilantro)
- Chopped scallions
- Sriracha sauce
- Juice of half a lime
- Feta Cheese

I just mixed it all together and it turned out wonderful!

Matt made himself chicken tacos with fresh grilled corn off the cob. His chicken tacos looked really good, I told him to save me some for leftovers :) (except I don't particularly like corn.. I'd use black beans instead).


I was really craving dessert, so I chopped up a banana, sprinkled cinnamon on it and drizzled in honey. You guys... it was GOOD. Really really good. And I don't feel guilty about it!



  1. WOW, that looks so fantastic!!!! I love all your quinoa creations!

  2. Ok, made the shrimp and quinoa last night for me and a friend. It was so good!!! Thanks for the idea :) Good luck on your presentation today!