Thursday, April 19, 2012

4.19.12 Breakfast & Lunch

I don't really like raw celery so I didn't end up eating it. I was still hungry after the carrots and cheese so I popped some natural popcorn. I really love this brand.. It's all natural with just salt and oil. One cup of popped popcorn has 30 calories and 2g of fat. If I want popcorn for my whole meal I will eat 4 cups. Here I am just having 2. I love this for when I need to satisfy my salty cravings!

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  1. Have you ever heard of Sparkpeople?

    It might be something you would be interested in, given that you are trying to eat healthier and be accountable to a healthier diet.

    Sparkpeople is a free site that people use to help them with a diet plan or to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I read about a year and a half ago that people who keep track of what they eat, on average, are more successful at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I did some research, found Sparkpeople, and I've been tracking on there ever since.

    Once you enter in your information, the site gives you ranges to shoot for based on your goals -- whether it be to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight -- which I found really helpful.

    Through the process of tracking my food, I have naturally lost about 10 pounds and 1 size -- without even trying. I have gained so much knowledge about food and nutrition, and I become a better cook -- after being horrified by learning that even the "healthy" items on a lot of restaurant menus are so much unhealthier than items you can make on your own.

    Don't get me wrong, I still indulge myself by going out to dinner, enjoying happy hour, and with sweets (I am addicted to Red Vines & Haribo Gummi Bears). But, overall my diet is healthier, I feel healthier, and I look better.

    Just wanted to share a site I found helpful! If you check it out and end up having any questions, feel free to email me. After spending more than 18 months on the site, I am somewhat of an expert. :)