Sunday, May 6, 2012


This morning I went for a run/walk and planned on eating breakfast after. When I got home Matt and our friends were outside so we hung out and played with their son until 11:30. I was starving! So I ate two strawberry fruit bars and a hard boiled egg, hopped in the shower and then went to the grocery store.

For lunch I made no-mayo egg salad. It was soo good - I think I even like it more without the mayo.

I used 2% cottage cheese (just 2 tablespoons) 2 hardboiled egg whites and 3 whole hardboiled eggs. I added dijon mustard and salt and pepper and of course sriracha!

I went to the mall with my mother in law and had a little bit of yoforia with coconut and later we made my favorite salmon dish for dinner.

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