Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I forgot to take a picture of my popcorn that I ate today but I thought I would share pics of the box. This time I got the 50% less fat kind and it was just as good! I love that this popcorn's ingredients are corn, palm oil and salt ( and a freshness additive.. That doesn't bother me).

I had leftover soup for dinner.. Yum!!

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  1. Hey Bryn, just popped (ha, pun not intended) over from your other blog today and have been skimming for healthy snack and meal ideas. Thought I'd mention, we bought an air popper for popcorn and LOVE it. No oil needed. We just pour in the popcorn right over the heating element and it blows popped corn out into a bowl. NEVER burnt. Then we add a couple tablespoons of butter (to a huge mixing bowl of popcorn) and a little garlic salt. Thought you might like to hear alternatives to the microwave kind - I'll never go back!